Workshop in Germany: Biofabrication with fungi and bacteria

Innovative Citizen 2015

During the 17, 18 and 19th of September I’m giving a biofabrication workshop in Dortmund (Germany) together with my colleague Julia Krayer, a biodesigner grounded in Duisburg who is working with fungi and bacterial cellulose. This 3 day workshop is framed in the Innovative Citizen 2015, a new-tech and DIY festival aimed to designers, makers, artists, scientists and any kind of creative or curious people. During this workshop we would like to introduce the participants to the basics of fungal and bacterial culturing and how to use these organisms to grow biomaterials as mycelium foams and bacterial cellulose membranes and fabrics. To do this we will get our hands dirty and we will also review concepts as the construction of clean rooms, home laboratories, incubation chambers and all shorts of gadgets to start experimenting with our little allied microbes.

Previous knowledge is not required to join us in this course, just remember to bring some glass jars and perhaps your coffee grounds of the morning, keep in mind also to register on time! Just 10 places are available! See you there! 🙂

More information on this Facebook post and in the official Innovatice Citizen 2015 webpage.


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