Radical Mycology Book Indiegogo campaign


This Indiegogo campaign will fund the next big step in the Radical Mycology project: funding the production of a book on the theory, practice, and applications of using mushrooms and other fungi to create positive personal, social, and ecological change. This book will be similar in design and flow to the Radical Mycology zine, but the toolbox of mycological skills and philosophical insights it will provide will be of much greater breadth and depth for those seeking to use fungi to make the world a better place.

The book will be visually compelling while serving as an educational resource guide at times and a philosophical call to embrace the fungi as allies at other times.

The Radical Mycology Book will not only include step-by-step instructions for mushrooms cultivation and applications in everyday life but will also be a resource for creating a paradigm shift in the western culture’s understanding of the fungal kingdom. The book will provide an entertaining and educational view into the mysterious, dense, and uncommon world of mushrooms and mycology, all explained by using accessible language, photographs, illustrations, and vivid metaphors.

Visit the Indiegogo page here: http://bit.ly/rmigg

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